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June 16, 2017

Man dies after being

The Devon Gales story took another positive turn on Thursday.

The Southern University football player, who suffered a severe spinal injury during a kickoff return against Georgia last September, received heartwarming news just one day after he completed a five-month stay at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

Gales and his family attended a press conference at UGA on Thursday where they learned that the Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation intends to build them a new home that will accommodate Gales’ needs.

Gales broke his sixth cervical vertebra in a collision with Georgia kicker Marshall Morgan during the Jaguars’ loss to the Bulldogs on Sept. 26. He was unable to feel anything at the time of his initial hospitalization. Over his lengthy stay at the Shepherd Center - a not-for-profit rehabilitation center that treats patients with brain and spine injuries - Gales has regained some feeling in his legs and is able to move his hands and some fingers.

Although he is still confined to a wheelchair, Gales vowed at Thursday’s press conference that he will walk again.

Former Georgia star and current ESPN college football analyst David Pollack - himself a victim of a serious spinal injury during an NFL game - emceed the press conference and offered encouragement to Gales and his family.

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This is BOW, Devon
This is BOW, Devon
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Devon Nicholson
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