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June 28, 2017

Fish fan Jack Heathcote turns

Starting an aquarium doesn't have to be a difficult task. At Swell UK we have an extensive range of fish tanks for sale at great value prices from those cheaper, more affordable tanks to 'top of the range' reef aquariums.

Before you select a tank, you need to have a think about whether you want a tropical, cold water or marine aquarium. Please note, if you're keen to keep tropical fish, then you'll need to include a small fish tank heater. Once you've decided, it's time to look at the tanks themselves!

If you have a limited amount of space available in your home or office, you might want to consider a nano tank or an aquarium that is less than 40cm in size. That said, If you're after a small tank that allows excellent viewing, the Fluval Marina 360 fish tank could be the aquarium for you. The circular shape is fantastic if you want to see every little detail. It includes LED lighting and excellent filtration. Other options include the Tetra AquaArt Aquarium kit, which has been specifically designed to stand out!

We also stock a vast selection of fish tank kits that have been designed to offer everything you need to keep your fish happy and healthy, without the stress of having to find all of the required parts at once.

When putting a fish tank together, it's important to remember to include an aquarium filter and air pump. Once you've purchased all the necessary equipment to keep your fish tank running smoothly, take a look at our substrate and aquarium decor to decorate your tank and give your fish plenty of places to explore.

At Swell UK we aim to provide our customers with the widest selection of high quality, technologically advanced tanks in different styles and sizes, from fish tank bowls to traditional aquarium cabinets. Whatever your requirement, with our fantastic range of tanks from leading brands such as Juwel and Fluval and fast delivery options, we are sure to have to perfect aquarium for you!

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