Biggest Zoo in Britain

November 27, 2016

Chester Zoo rated best in the

Name, location, size Rating (/5) Status, numbers and highlights
40 miles north of London
600 acres
Non-profit. Generally considered one of the world's top ten zoos. About 3000 animals, and one of Europe's largest wildlife conservation parks. By far the largest "zoo" in surface area, Whipsnade pioneered a new type of zoo, with spacious enclosures, when it opened in 1931. Highlights include free roaming wallabies, rhinoceroses, a large lion enclosure, and a seven-acre elephant enclosure.
London zoo

Regent's park
36 acres

Non-profit. About 2, 100 animals, and the world's oldest scientific zoo. Strongly committed to conservation. The zoo's collection is very diverse, and among the highlights are its gorillas, tigers, and the largest penguin pool in any English zoo.
Accessible by London underground
southern England
Wiltshire, near Warminster
9000 acres
Company. 500 animals. Longleat, opened in 1966, was the first African safari park outside Africa. It occupies part of the grounds of Longleat house, seat of the Marquess of Bath. Best known for the "Lions of Longleat", the safari park is a series of vast enclosures, including giraffes, large African game animals, rhinoceros, monkeys and lions
Chester zoo
Chester, near Liverpool
111 acres
Non-profit : around 3, 100 animals. The largest city zoo in Britain, Chester zoo is involved in the captive breeding programmes of over 130 of the world's threatened species. Among the zoo's successfully breeding species are Asian elephants, Indian lions, black rhinoceros, Sumatran orang-outangs, and Andean condors. The zoo's Tropical Realm is the UK's largest tropical jungle house.
Bus no.1 from Chester or Liverpool
Howletts wild animal park
Kent, near Canterbury
90 acres
Non-profit: 350 animals. Strongly involved in wildlife conservation, Howlett's wild animal park is best known for having one of the world's largest colonies of Western Lowlands Gorillas. It also has a large herd of elephants, black rhinoceros, and many other rare species. Howlett's participates actively in programmes to reintroduce threatened species in their natural habitat.
Edinburgh zoo
Edinburgh, Scotland
82 acres
Non-profit: 1050 animals. The only zoo in Britain with koala bears and giant pandas. It was the first zoo in the world to have penguins on display. The 65-metre penguin pool is a major attraction; but it is the pandas - loaned for 10 years by China - that are the star attractions. The couple of pandas have so far failed to reproduce.
Accessible by Edinburgh city buses
Marwell wildlife centre
Central southern England
Hampshire, near Winchester
140 acres
Non-profit : 1700 animals. One of the earliest zoos to take up wildlife conservation, Marwell Wildlife is in the grounds of Marwell Hall, a Hampshire stately home. Marwell was a pioneering centre for the breeding of threatened species, and its successes have included the Mongolian wild horse, and the snow leopard. Marwell is particularly focused on African wildlife
Twycross zoo
East Midlands
80 acres
Non-profit : 900 animals. Twycross zoo is best known for having the largest collection of primates of any zoo outside Japan. But the zoo also has a diverse collection, including elephants, sloths and boa constrictors.
Bristol zoo
Southwest England Bristol,
12 acres
Non profit : 300 mammals, plus birds and amphibians. The world's oldest provincial zoo, and a pioneering conservation zoo. Britain's first black rhinoceros was born here, as was Europe's first chimpanzee; it is one of the few zoos to breed red pandas. The largest animals in this zoo today are the Western Lowland gorillas.
Bus 8 or 9 from Bristol Temple Meads station
Dudley zoo
Dudley, near Birmingham
40 acres
Non-profit : 950 animals. Opened in 1937. Zoo in the grounds of Dudley Castle. Among highlights of Dudley zoo are lions, tigers, giraffes, orang-outangs and reindeer. The zoo has an active breeding programme, and successes include Sumatran tigers, snow leopards, and the rare Humboldt penguin. Dudley zoo holds the European studbook for the breeding of black lemurs.
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