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April 27, 2016

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Merlin places great importance on the safety of its guests and animals and endeavours to ensure that its high standards are met by all persons visiting the Attractions. Please assist us in ensuring our Attractions and their facilities remain a safe place in which to enjoy fun and exciting experiences.

In these Entry Conditions, the following definitions shall apply:

Attractions: all or any part of the SEA LIFE Centres and Sanctuaries in the UK and Ireland (as appropriate) (and “Attraction” shall be interpreted accordingly);

Merlin/Us/We/Our: Merlin Entertainments (SEA LIFE) Limited (Company No. 02182098) whose registered office address is at 3 Market Close, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1NQ.

You are admitted to the Attractions subject to the following Entry Conditions. If you do not comply with them you may be removed from an Attraction by Merlin personnel, security or police officers, without any right to a refund. This is without prejudice to any claim that we may have against you or arising out of your actions. Whilst inside an Attraction, you must comply with any reasonable instructions given to you by our personnel or any third party instructed on our behalf. Merlin, acting reasonably, reserves the right to vary these Entry Conditions at any time without prior notice. By entering an Attraction, you accept that you have a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure your own safety, taking into account any personal medical conditions. All persons in and around the Attractions should behave in a safe manner at all times.


For health and safety reasons, wheelchairs, pushchairs and mobility scooters are the only transport devices permitted within the Attractions.

Our commitment to provide a service:

We will endeavour to ensure that all parts of the Attractions are available to guests at the Attractions. However, we reserve the right, without prior notice, to close and change the programme of shows, tours and animal experiences and/or an individual Attraction's operating hours. Merlin in its absolute discretion reserves the right to close the whole or any part of an Attraction at any time or to restrict the number of persons having access to an Attraction. The reason for any closure or restriction provided by this condition may include technical or operational reasons, capacity, inclement weather, special events or to ensure the safety and security of guests or if Merlin reasonably considers the circumstances so require. If any Attraction is closed for any of the reasons set out above, we reserve the right to offer substitute tickets for admission to the relevant Attraction on an alternative date in substitution for any other form of redress.

Our right to remove you:

Merlin, acting reasonably at all times, reserves the right, to refuse admission to the Attractions, ban from entry to the Attractions, or remove from the Attractions without any right to a refund any person whose presence or behaviour may affect the enjoyment and/or safety of other guests, staff or animals or who: acts in an inappropriate and/or undesirable manner whilst travelling to an Attraction whether by bus, coach or other means, where such behaviour has been reported to us by a reliable independent source; has been convicted of a criminal offence relating to Merlin, or civil unrest at Merlin property/attractions, which, in our opinion, is likely to affect the safety and/or enjoyment of other guests, staff or animals; uses violent, aggressive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory or insulting words or behaviour or in any way behaves in a manner which may provoke a breach of the peace; climbs or stands upon barriers, walls, exhibits or any other buildings at any Attraction; enters or attempts to enter any part of any Attraction which is a restricted or prohibited area as determined by Merlin. We reserve the right to initiate legal proceedings or prosecute any person who: is found damaging or defacing any part of the grounds, barriers, walls, exhibits, fabrics or buildings at any Attraction; or has displayed any sign or visible representation of any kind which is, or could be reasonably judged to be, threatening, abusive or insulting; or has previously acted in any manner which has caused any person to report that individual to Merlin; or is attempting to regain admission to an Attraction or has been found inside any Attraction without a valid ticket; or has purchased or obtained any tickets or discount vouchers from a ticket tout or Merlin reasonably believes that they have purchased a ticket from an unauthorised source. If any guest in breach of any of these Entry Conditions is a member of a group, then such group of individuals may also, at Merlin’s discretion, be denied entry or escorted from the Attraction without any right to a refund.

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Red Belly Piranha Tank National Sea Life Centre Birmingham UK
Red Belly Piranha Tank National Sea Life Centre Birmingham UK