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October 9, 2016

Hood Manor


Our School Management

South Devon Steiner School has no Head Teacher rather its running is assisted by teachers and administrative staff forming the ‘College’ and collaborating to inform the work and decisions of the School Management Team (SMT) The SMT arises out of College.
South Devon Steiner School works towards its objectives through the activity of the Council of Trustees, the College consisting of teaching and admin staff and the School Management Team.

The Council of Trustees is responsible for school governance. Administrative and supervisory responsibility for the day to day running of the school is carried by the School Management Team, the Authority that they hold is a delegated authority from the School Council of Trustees and their work arises out of and is informed by College

The Council of Trustees (Council)

The Council of Trustees carries ultimate legal responsibility for South Devon Steiner School and ensures that the School complies with charity law and other applicable legislation.

The role of Council is to represent the members of the South Devon Steiner School Association (the corporate trustee) and to promote and protect the interests of the School. It does so by governing the School. Individuals are appointed to Council by members of the South Devon Steiner School at its AGM and between AGMs by Council. Council members are accountable to the Association for their work

The College of Teaching & Admin Staff (College)

College is made up of staff members who are able to make a deeper commitment to, and take responsibility for, the school. The College holds the spiritual heart of the school and oversees the general wellbeing of the school, ensuring that the aims and vision are kept in mind. Membership of College is a personal commitment to become co-responsible for carrying the school and to participate actively in the work of College, including attendance at College meetings and participating in College working groups. Individuals are appointed to College by unanimous vote of the existing College membership
The College is involved in the development and implementation of the goals, objectives, policies and procedures of the school and is chaired by one of the members of the School Management Team. Individual activity on behalf of the College may be undertaken through being appointed by College to form or sit on working/focus groups. These working/focus groups, assist with the executive structure for different areas of school management and pedagogy. The terms of reference and scope of work including timescales or deadlines will be clearly defined so that they can clearly understand if they are making decisions or recommendations.
Other staff members and parent representatives may sometimes be invited to join part of the meeting for feedback and planning.
The College meetings, will take place every Thursday evening at a time to be agreed.

The School Management Team (SMT)

The School Management Team consists of the School Administrator (Marcus Link) and two teaching members of College (Elizabeth Elsholtz and Anja Toddington).

The School Administrator is automatically appointed to the SMT and the two teaching members are elected from College by the members of College. SMT

has administrative and supervisory authority for the day to day running of the school on an executive basis. The Authority that they hold is a delegated authority from the School Council (Board of Trustees) who fulfil the function of the governing body. The SMT is the executive decision making body whose decisions are final and supersede any other decisions.

Before making decisions likely to affect the school in a significant way, the SMT is expected to have listened to discussions that have taken place in College and to have taken into account unanimous decisions. The SMT also refers to Council for feedback where a decision could have a significant financial impact or where there are legal implications. Decisions are appropriately communicated and delegated for execution.

SMT as a group is accountable to both College and Council for the satisfactory performance of its management role.


Collegiate is comprised of the teaching staff within our school and all teaching colleagues are expected to attend the meeting which happens every week on a Thursday. Collegiate carries the pedagogical conscious of the school and through sharing and discussion arise decisions regarding the development and implementation of teaching practice. The Collegiate discussions and decisions regarding the pedagogy then helps to inform all other activities relating to the future and development of our School.
Where there are strong recommendations from Collegiate which would have an impact on the Schools policies, finances or overarching principles and ethos, then these strong recommendations will be presented to College who together with the School Management Team will hear them and consider what is required to make them happen.

Operational Administration

The operational functions of the School are administered by the administration staff which consists of Educational Admin, including Summer Language School/Overseas students, Grounds & Estates maintenance, Office & Reception and Admissions & Finance.
The Administration staff will meet periodically for the purposes of communication, information sharing, training and development. Out of these meetings may arise information or strong recommendations to be shared with Collegiate or brought to College.
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