Surfing South Devon

November 1, 2015

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South Cornwall and DevonÕs breaks are less consistent than their north coast counterparts but what they lack in consistency, they make up for in quality. Porthleven, one of EnglandÕs finest reefs, is in the area. This coast usually needs an element of S in the Atlantic swells, although a massive W will wrap in, as will a NW at a few reefs. Southerly swells from Biscay lows can also light up the areaÕs diverse breaks. The dominant SW airflow means onshores are a major problem in the area. Easterly windswells coming down the English Channel can also provide waves for the desperate. Summer can be painfully flat, September onwards can be rewarding but it depends on the track of the lows, if the lows are running north then CornwallÕs south coast lays dormant.

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Surfing South Devon - February 2016
Surfing South Devon - February 2016
Bantham South Devon surfing
Bantham South Devon surfing
Joe Harding. Age 14. Surfing South Devon.
Joe Harding. Age 14. Surfing South Devon.