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May 15, 2018

Paignton Sands in Winter

Below is a guide to ensure you all have a fun and safe day!


Coach drivers are welcome to drop off and collect your group at the main entrance then make their way to the free coach parking bays.

Please make sure that all pupils remain on the coach until a member of your team has checked in with our Front of House staff at ‘Gate 5’. You will need to make sure you know the exact number of students and staff and be sure to mention if you have any special requirements.

It’s also essential for us to have a name and contact number of your Group Leader so we can call them if necessary.

Lunch and luggage

We have storage space for lunch boxes or any other items you have at our Education Centre.
There are many picnic areas on site for children to enjoy their lunch however if you are concerned about wet weather then please make sure you book an indoor lunch room by calling 10.

Teaching sessions

Our Education Team run many classes throughout the day therefore it would be helpful for you to make sure your group arrives on time, ensuring that any little ones have used the toilets beforehand.

Members of your staff are also required to supervise during workshops and sessions.


Upon arrival the nearest toilets are located just inside the main entrance building. The nearest toilets to the Education Centre are on the lower level next to Jungle Fun or in the Restaurant, unfortunately we don't have any public toilets in the Education Centre.

Visiting the shop

We know children love to pick up a souvenir of their day so if you would like them to visit the gift shop then please notify our team when you book. It is also handy should there be a large group of students to send them in to the shop in small supervised groups.


We want all our visitors to have an enjoyable time at the Zoo. To ensure their safety and well-being it is the responsibility of accompanying adults to ensure that students behave in a sensible manner.
Teachers and other accompanying adults are admitted free or at a discounted rate on the understanding that they will keep an eye and be responsible for the management and discipline of their group.
For this reason, please be aware that teachers and adults will have to accompany students should they want to use any outdoor/indoor play areas or the Jungle Express Train.

First Aid and emergencies

During the summer season (Easter to October) the Zoo has a qualified First Aider on site dedicated to supporting our visitors; they are normally situated in the First Aid Hut in the middle of the Zoo.
In addition, and outside of this period, there are other qualified First Aiders on site, usually situated in the Jungle Fun play area. They can be contacted by telephoning reception on 00 (or 55 in an emergency).

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