South Devon College Torquay

April 3, 2016

South Devon College

The College is nationally recognised as a leading Further and Higher Education institution, and this dedication and experience extends into our Higher Education provision. Here at the University Centre, we take great pride in providing an environment that will inspire you to further your career goals and aspirations, and give you every opportunity to achieve the highest levels of success in your chosen field.

We provide tailored support, with employer-focused curriculums delivered by industry experts, giving you all the tools to succeed.

Underlying this is a culture of challenge and excellence, which spreads throughout the entire College, from the tutors and staff members through to your peers, whose support will be invaluable. Your learning won't be limited to the four walls of a classroom; each day will be an opportunity to grow, not just academically and professionally, but personally too.


During your time at the College, you'll also be a part of the wider business community of South Devon, developing valuable links with local employers. Businesses play an integral part in the design of our degree programmes by identifying the skills our graduates need to succeed in the workplace and have the biggest possible impact on the local economy. So, when you graduate with a degree from South Devon College, you can enter the job market knowing that the skills you have learnt are required in local industry.

Whilst studying, you could be contributing to a project for a local business, you could be inspired by a guest talk from an expert in their field, or you could be learning the skills needed to make a real difference to a company when you graduate. Whatever your level of involvement is, whatever your passion is, studying at South Devon College means having a positive effect on the local community, and ensuring its future prosperity.


All of our degree programmes are delivered in partnership with Plymouth University, which means that you'll also be a part of the student body of a world class university with an outstanding track record of excellence. Qualifications awarded by Plymouth University are prestigious and recognised as being of the highest quality, both nationally and internationally, distinguishing you as a skilled practitioner in your field.

The partnership between Plymouth University and ourselves is founded upon the values of providing inclusive, high quality learning opportunities, which are co-designed, co-delivered and co-monitored to ensure you receive only the best education and support with us.

You'll have access to the extensive resources of both South Devon College and Plymouth University, including Plymouth University's Student Portal, library catalogue and study skill materials, as well as the Students' Union, offering you the entire university experience in a local and accessible way.

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