Horse harness essential accessories

Horse harness: essential accessories

A horse requires special care, which is why it is so important to provide it with the appropriate equipment. If the harness is chosen correctly, taking into account the individual characteristics of the animal, then the process of getting the horse to the owner will be faster.

Today there are no problems in order to purchase high-quality ammunition for a horse, regardless of the area where it is supposed to be used.

Stirrups are part of the saddle structure. It is necessary for the rider to place the legs in a fixed position while riding the animal. The stirrup allows you to maintain the necessary balance. Many decades ago, this element was in the form of loops, which is not entirely convenient and unsafe. Today safety stirrups play a big role in horse riding. In general, there are a huge number of stirrups, and each rider chooses the type that is most convenient for him. Most riders buy magnetic safety stirrups, which are very easy to use.

Controlling a horse is simple, the bit plays an important role in this. They are inserted into the edentulous edge of the gum and allow the animal to be rotated. The design is very simple and consists of two gnawed rings. With a little tension, the animal knows whether to stop. This element is acquired taking into account the individual characteristics of the horse. Not always an attractive design means that the bit will fit the horse.

The buckle is a small strap through which the stirrup is attached to the saddle. It is made of soft leather, the color may be different. The lock in the design of this product is fixed, its location is lower than the human calf, therefore there is no discomfort during the ride.

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