How to plan a desert trip to Merzouga

How to plan a desert trip to Merzouga

Merzouga is the best-known desert trip, very near to the prominent ERG CHEBBI Dunes.

The journey to this arid region is not easy to embark on from any of Morocco’s top-class towns. Merzouga is 7.5 hours from Fes and 9 hours from Marrakesh, traveled by car.

All the same, don’t be discouraged since Merzouga is likely the most memorable haven.

This desert is incomparable to any other in the world. Tourists can enjoy a matchless experience that can stay in memory until future generations.

After the hectic, ear-splitting sounds in towns, spending one- or two days chilling out in the Sahara can make you feel refreshed.

Are you planning a 3 day Marrakech desert tours? Then, you need to strategize so you can have a blissful experience. In this review, you’d learn how to plan a desert trip to Merzouga.

A Guide to planning a desert trip to Merzouga

Wait a minute! Before running through how to plan a desert trip to Merzouga, we’d break down different possible routes to this desert area.

About the Route to Merzouga

The most appropriate way to arrive at Merzouga is through either Fes or Marrakech. The length of the road of Marrakech to Merzouga is about 570km, but if you’re coming from Fes is around 485 Km.

We’d suggest you visit Merzouga through the road, watch over the decors and environs. Despite that, Fes & Marrakech are the highly regarded areas where many tourists make reservations for their journey to Merzouga.

If you’re in a hurry, the fastest route to Merzouga is through the metropolis of Errachidia, just about 123km. It’s better to reserve some pocket money by arranging for lodgings beforehand in a desert pub.

Likewise, the transport cost at any accredited traveling agency. You can as well plan for leisures such as sandboarding with the guest house booked for.

However, we’d encourage you to have a rest at Ouarzazate since the area has the best centers on the road. Then, make reservations for an overnight camel long haul & camping flight from Merzouga.

So many agencies are out there arranging a multi-day trip to Merzouga that covers your lodgings, operations including foodstuff. It’s a suitable means to visit some tourist attractions on the way.

We’d recommend you schedule ahead of time. But, beware, so many agencies are ready to fraud you in Morocco, we’d suggest arranging in advance with a firm you’re conversant with and found reliable.

Items to arrange for on a desert trip to Merzouga

Tourists need to put on clothes modestly, as their abdomen, chest, lap, shoulders have to be always clothed.

The desert is a temperate region, particularly during the warm weather. So, you’ll do yourself good putting on slack, weightless, black-and-white apparel that throws back the sun reflections. Instead, consider a lengthy, lovely dress with fitted light blouses or lingerie with a clean shirt.

You can bundle up a small headscarf and learn to fix it in a way that does safeguard your face and head from the sun.

Enough skin protection against the sun. Due to the hot sun, try to have enough quality sunscreen before leaving home as it can be costly to buy one in Merzouga.

Hat. You’ll need this the most while letting your hair down about the swimming baths & have to keep the sun away from your face.

Many prefer to put on a scarf in a Berber style, partially to shield them from unexpected haboobs.

Prepare anything moderately hot for night-time, as the environs can unexpectedly become cool at dusk hours in Merzouga.

A good-enough camera. You can snap photographs to keep a memory of the events in Merzouga. We’d suggest a camera of a low cost, for instance, Sony A6000.

When is the most appropriate time to visit the desert in Merzouga?

At times, warm weather in Sahara is hot with temperatures more than 45°C. Also, some moments can be cold during dusk hours, assuming you look in on the desert during the frost period.

The best way is to pop in during Autumn, Spring, or likely warm weather. At this time, the atmosphere is still giving off heat, or even hot during the daytime & slightly cold at dark hours.

Good planning is essential to achieving success. Ensure to follow up on points noted in this review to make your trip to Merzouga a success. For further information, kindly contact us to book, plan a desert trip to Merzouga.

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