How to be always in touch

How to be always in touch?

A SIM card is needed for any device that requires access to the operator’s network: from modems that are installed in trucks to ordinary phones.  It provides the device with cellular communication and the ability to access the Internet.  But that’s not all.

The main function of the SIM card is to authenticate the user on the network.  In other words, mutual two-way verification of the operator and the subscriber.  The network confirms that the user actually owns the SIM card, and the SIM card confirms that the subscriber is connecting to the desired network.

Thanks to the authentication function, the subscriber can easily change devices by simply swapping the SIM card.

Data storage

The SIM card stores the settings that the operator puts there.  Most often these include a list of priority networks in roaming, technical parameters of network access, telephone numbers of the operator’s support service.  Even the list of emergency numbers that the subscriber can dial on the locked screen is also contained on the SIM card.

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