Constructing your own spring in the yard

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Thermal springs are a true and wonderful gift of the nature, in which a person can find both health and beauty. Thermal springs are groundwater with the temperature of more than 20 °C, which comes to the surface. The healing properties of thermal springs are well known since ancient times — the ancient Romans built baths near them. Taking baths here, the soldiers healed wounds received in the campaigns. Moreover, a lot of people go to the mud springs. Due to the organic and inorganic substances, enzymes, hormones, vitamins and even antibiotics contained in the therapeutic mud, it is actively used as an independent remedy, and as a basis for the creation of medicines. But what if you want to relax as at the resort, but you do not have so much money?

Sitting near a private house or cottage in the summer heat, you probably imagined how cool it would be to plunge into the cool water. Perhaps this idea kept coming back and chased you on hot days. Maybe we should not give up such an excellent idea? You need to create your own oasis!

You can build a simple one with your own hands, investing in the construction a minimum of funds. You should only wonder how to drain water, where to place your small spring and buy the necessary equipment. Borehole pumps will be your assistants. Such pumps are intended for lifting of liquid mainly from drilling wells and are delivered by plants usually in a full installation set (the unit consisting of the pump – transmission-engine and water-lifting pipes).

Now you can enjoy your personal spring at any time and do not spend so much money and time on it! Today several varieties have been developed that can be handled on your own.  Construction of your own pool or spring on the site can be done even by a novice master.