A turnkey repair while you are on vacation

Photo by Pixabay.com

Sometimes we want to update the interior of our flat completely and not to spend a lot of time on this process. There is a solution! You can order a turnkey repair. While you are lying on the beach and sunbathing, drinking a cocktail, a construction company will perform all the unpleasant work for you: drill holes in the walls for new paintings, paint the walls with paint sprayers, glue wallpaper and put parquet or linoleum.

While you will sleep peacefully in a luxurious room, the masters will make your apartment no less wonderful. In the simplest language, a turnkey repair means that the contractor takes care of everything. Customer is required only to tell how he would like to see his home and pay. Such repair of apartments is made by professionals who perform a set of works, ranging from design and estimate, ending with garbage collection and restoring order in the premises, using the best tools, including best wagner paint sprayer, bosch, makita, etc. Before you make an order, you have to think carefully, do you need a major overhaul or cosmetic one. If the first type involves complete replacement of old communications and radiators, dismantling of walls, redevelopment, and the second one is just a renovation of premises by replacing finishing materials.

A designer, guided by the wishes of the customer, relevant building specifications, possibilities of the apartment, will develop an interior design. Now all the developments can be even seen in 3D, which is very convenient for clarity. A specialist will select suitable materials, accessories, various decorative elements that will be to the taste of the owners of the flat.

An important point of repair is preparation of estimates. It includes a list of materials, services, their quantity, cost and terms of performance of all works.