Top Four Egyptian Destinations for Lounging

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It’s the beautiful sights that attract people as soon as they take a peek around. On the banks of the Nile, there’s a beautiful balance of marine life and vivid greenery that leaves one wanting to stay for as long as possible. With the glass-bottom boat tour, it’s possible to enjoy everything about the area without having to jump in. People often head over to Giftun Island and take a look at the different activities whether it’s windsurfing or something else. For those wanting to stay on land, there’s plenty to do, and it can be remarkably entertaining. There’s a certain joy associated with walking around and going to different shops and/or restaurants. Some prefer taking a look at the local desert because of how it is talked about. This includes Marsa Alam, where people can take a look at classic temples.

El Gouna

This is close to Hurghada and is a beautiful resort town that is pleasant to the eye. It is gentle, easy-going and comes with a beautiful set of sights that will make one want to head into the water for a bit of scuba diving or windsurfing. Several boat cruises leave from the area and this can be a great way to enjoy all that Egypt has to offer. Many people love the idea of simply spending time in the resort town and taking a look at all of the shopping options and spas. There’s always something for you to do including fine dining, tennis, horseback riding, and more. It’s just an endless set of activities in what is one of the more elegant parts of Egypt.

Sharm el-Sheikh

Located along the Sina Peninsula, this is one of those dive spots that has earned critical acclaim. Its waters are remarkably inviting with gorgeous weather making it a picturesque area for one and all. Anyone that is hoping to make the most of beautiful beaches and coral reefs will know it’s time to head over here. This is one of those areas that will showcase the natural beauty of Egypt and all of its underwater goodness. Divers often head over to take a look at the beautiful wildlife including moray eels, stonefish, lionfish, and barracuda.

This is one of those sights that is going to impress one and all. Many people take the time to do a bit of horseback riding while in town as others head over to the well-regarded Mount Sinai.


This is a gorgeous beach town that is home to some of the more elegant diving spots for a bit of snorkelling, free diving, and even kayaking. It’s located close to the Gulf of Aqaba and is quite the sight. There’s a considerable amount of activity in the area ensuring people enjoy what they’re able to do on a daily basis including sandboarding, yoga, and more. Some people like taking the opportunity to head over to the beaches and simply lounge in the sun. If that is something a person is after, then Dahab has it all. It’s quite an eye-catching spot while providing access to key desert attractions too.

These are the premier relaxing hotspots in Egypt and are well-regarded among the masses when it comes to lounging. There’s nothing better than enjoying the pleasant weather, participating in leisurely activities, and soaking in everything the Egyptian culture has to offer. There are several historic sights in the area and it never does get boring, unlike a Nile cruise. People can settle along the beaches or take in the time to walk around and see what the area has to offer.